Key Areas

Pregnant/Birth Moms: We support pregnant moms and birth families by counselling and providing parenting advice; connecting them with medical care; informing them of options including social grants, respite care, and the option of adoption.

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Older white child with his South African kid brother


Wandisa works within the framework of the South African Constitution, Children’s Act No. 38 of 1995 as amended, the Regulations and other applicable African and international law.

To effectively serve all who need help within our focus areas, Wandisa collaborates with child protection, non-profit and professional organisations throughout South Africa. Where a reliable organisation is closer to where help is needed Wandisa makes a referral asking that organisation to intervene or provide social assistance.

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Little Child's hand on adoptive parent's hand


We operate in terms of our official designation by the Western Cape Department of Social Development and are thankful for its professional support and a monthly subsidy towards a portion of staff salaries and associated costs.

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